One of the most effective ways of getting fit, increasing activity by walking or cycling to school/work has many other physical and mental health benefits.





The Pedal Smoothie Bike Blender engages with small and large groups. Ideal for school sessions, public events or corporate groups.


Eye catching and interactive at public gatherings.


Easy to set up and operate - human powered!


Have fun creating your own fruit smoothies - menus available.


Or hire for educational uses as the bike blender delivers an important messages about diet, calorie intake/output and keeping active - lesson plans provided.

Bringing together fun, fitness, health,

nourishment and sustainability.


Pedal Smoothly encourages exercise and healthy eating.


Design and make your own fruit smoothie.


Discuss the benefits of a balanced diet and physical activity.


Smoothie bikes are the ultimate expression of human power - burn calories whilst you pedal and blend the fruit.

Book an experienced and qualified mechanic to visit your workplace, school, community centre, event or group to check and maintain the quality of your bikes ensuring they are safe and road worthy.

We will revive neglected bikes and get them back on the road.


Also ideal for groups of hard working commuters who need support to keep their bikes in good condition. Simple, efficient and cost effective our Dr Bike hire service is a great way to support and encourage active travel to your workplace.

Meeting green travel plan objectives and contributing to the positive physical and mental wellbeing of employees.


Dr. Bike is a familiar product but we offer more than just a simple bike health check. Alongside a full health and safety check we will also complete minor repairs and adjust the bike to suit you. A full prescription service is provided, including costs, as well as advising you on how to look after your own bike.

CTL has been operating company bike hire schemes and fleet bike maintenance for many years including West Midlands Colleges and Universities, NHS Hospitals, Primary and Secondary Schools, Local Authorities and corporate clients such as Michelin, Sainsbury's and DHL.


We have extensive experience of delivering different models and types of schemes including long-term and short-term hire or loans, incorporating pool bikes and recycled bike projects.


Bike ownership or maintenance can be a major barrier to cycling amongst certain groups and demographics so a cycle hire scheme, which includes servicing, successfully removes the initial high investment cost and enables more people to travel by bicycle.


CTL purchase its own quality bikes for hire and they all come ready to ride, complete with lights, a lock, mudguards, rack and maintenance package for the duration of the loan period. We also strongly recommend beneficiaries to accept the offer of free cycle training.

Establishing Work Place Buddy's to encourage more riding and greater wellbeing in your work place is another service we provided. Skilling up internal individuals is an extremely cost effective short and long term investment. It is very satisfying to share our experience and knowledge with capable individuals so businesses and groups become self sufficient - we will help identify suitable candidates and extend their skills in areas such as bike maintenance.


Benefits for Businesses who support Active Travel

•   Attracts, retains and maintains a happy and productive workforce

•   Increases customer and employee retention

•   Enhances relationships with customers, suppliers and networks

•   Differentiates yourself from your competitors

•   Improves your business reputation and standing

•   Generates positive publicity and media opportunities as an ethical business




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