Velo Runner is a friendly, independent cycle workshop and running/cycle store - the team are experienced cyclists and keen runners.


We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service as well as a place to relax with a hot or cold drink, watch your favourite events and read a selection of running and cycling magazines.


Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 17:00 (closed Bank Holidays)

t: 01785 818055 e:







Servicing bikes is at the very heart of Velo Runner - our workshop is an open area at the center of the store. We give customers the chance to watch their bike being repaired or enhanced and many do. All bike servicing and advice is overseen by Weldtech or Velotech Platinum Award Mechanics.


Velo Bike Mechanics service any adult and child's cycle for the general public, Velo Club members and the bikes of National MTB Champions, National Category one, two and three Road Racers. We maintain bicycles in many Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent schools and support local events such as Katharine House Hospice Ride or The Tour of Britain. The students and personnel of Staffordshire and Keele University Campus and The University Hospital of the North Midlands benefit from Velo hire bikes and regular bike services.


Courses are delivered in a recently refurbished classroom facility by professional mechanics and instructors. Based in the Velo Runner store so we can offer parts, tools and accessories at reduced rates during any course.


Ideal for new cyclists, those responsible for family bikes and Bikeability instructors.

This course teaches you how to check and adjust bikes making sure they are safe to be ridden, using a bike pump and simple tools normally carried on a day out.

Learn how to competently deal with typical road and trailside repairs.

Designed for people who have a base level of knowledge and want to be confident completing some of the more complex areas of bike maintenance. Participants leave with the confidence to be able to go back and use these skills straight away. Plenty of time for practise with a maximum group size of 6 - our fully trained mechanics are on hand to help out and answer questions as they arise.


  • Cables inner and outer - lube and replacement (chains cables and outers included)

  • How to clean a chain - when and how to replace

  • How a derailleur works

  • Indexing / Setting up your gears

Moving into the workshop you'll strip down and rebuild your bike using the specialist tools available (session includes cable lubes tape fluid). Being able to look after your own bike will not only save money, it will help you go further, faster and for longer.


  • Down to the frame

  • Headsets – how to replace and fit

  • Cleaning and replacing cassettes

  • Bottom brackets – How to replace and fit

  • Hubs – how to clean lube and replace bearings

  • Wheel truing

  • MTB brake bleed or road how to wrap bars

See our events page and Facebook for free events.

Or keep up to date with an in store quick demo covering single subjects, for example removing and re-installing a wheel.

Free demonstrations are open for all customers and Club members and delivered ongoing in sequence so that subsequent weeks cover how to repair a puncture during a ride, indexing rear gears or checking for trouble, preventing problems or how to repair a broken chain.


We offer a free full gait analysis on a running treadmill and stock leading brands of road and trail sport shoes.


Assessed over 2-3 hours by trained and experienced Velo technicians, a process using a custom fitting jig and specialised tools to measure you and your positions on a bike. 

Everyone is different and has different needs so our technicians use their years of experience and multiple fitting methods to identify your requirements.

A cycle which is fitted correctly will maximise efficiency and performance

while avoiding discomfort or injury.


Velo-Fit is suitable for all levels of rider from complete novice, long distance sportive riders, competitive race cyclists and professionals. Quotes provided upon request.


  • A professional Velo-fit will allow you to make the most of your physical strengths and help you work on your weaknesses

  • Identifies and decrease discomfort when cycling such as knee pain, lower back ache, numb feeling in hands, discomfort in shoulders

  • Identifies weaknesses and address all issues from old injuries picked up from other activities which may affect how you ride

  • Velo-Fit will find your perfect setup, considering position, length and flexibility of feet, hands, legs and arms and seating.

  • Considerations for pedalling technique will be discussed when reviewing HD slow motion playback of your position. An understanding of saddle riding, centre of gravity and weight distribution will be observed and integral to the fit.





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