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National Standards And Riding

During my cycle commute into work this morning it occurred to me that their isn't a time on the bike where I don't rely on the skills Ive learnt (and teach as an instructor) from the National Standards Bikeability training to keep me safe during that time.

Ive cycled on the roads for over 30 years for sport, leisure and commuting. Ive also been a National Standards instructor for over 10 years. During my riding I constantly rely on these two things combined. I can't imagine riding with out that knowledge and still enjoying the ride as I think the risks would out weigh the benefits. I think applying the knowledge of national standards and past experience eliminates the vast majority of the risks allowing me to continue to ride in traffic whilst still enjoying my riding.

So if you or children ride to schools or work, (anywhere on the roads) make sure they or you take part in Bikeability first, and my second bit of advice make sure its a cyclist that delivers it to you.

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