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Being All Inclusive

Added Value and Benefits of Cycle Training - Health and Wellbeing Case Study

No two schools CTL visit are the same. They are all in different locations, city centres, urban housing estates and others in rural settings. Students differ too, in size, in shape and ability. Additional needs have to be taken into consideration, but everyone takes part. That’s what inclusive means at CTL, we teach everyone, in every type of setting not because we think you’re going to pass, we teach you because you want to be taught. Taking this approach offers rewards to CTL as a business, to our cycling instructors, the local communities and of course the individual. Alison Limer (an instructor from CTL) puts into words her own experience.

Bikeability Level 2, St Leonards Primary School, Stafford, September 2017

During the course a boy said to me that he had a new bike and learnt to ride it at the end of August in order to participate in this course. At the start he was still very nervous riding his bike but demonstrated all the required skills during the Level 1 part of the session. After a few tears as the nerves really kicked in, we left the playground and progressed to the road’s local to school. He preformed the start/stop procedures and learnt about the primary and secondary position, starting to relax, the nerves started to disappear. During the first session his confidence grew and grew and we progressed to busier roads to complete passing a side road and passing slow or stationary objects. By the end of the first session he become more confident and did not want the session to end. His face was beaming and he couldn’t wait till day two. The next day he came out still happy, raring to go. We continued to ride on the busier roads and he showed confidence and competence completing the turns whilst sharing the roads with other vehicles and cyclists. At the end of the day he came over with his mom to thank the instructors and ensured us that he will continue to practice riding his bike and that he had inspired his mom to get a bike so she could go with him.

During this course we also had a girl who suffered with Cerebral Palsy. Her physical difficulties made it harder to complete some parts of the course and she required a Teaching Assistant to accompany her. She had only just learnt to ride her bike so was still fairly nervous at the start. During the Level 1 part of the course she demonstrated skills to enable her to progress onto the roads. She had a very good understanding of the importance of good observation and hazard perception. Understanding the need to give herself extra time to perform the procedures. She showed a good understanding of the Highway Code too, displaying secure decision making and a safe riding strategy. Her confidence grew during the course and she smiled throughout. She was determined to complete as much of the sessions as possible, though felt that when we moved onto the busier road she was unable to react quickly enough to remain safe. At the end of the course she felt much more confident and able to use quiet roads and local cycle infrastructure. She will now be able to continue riding with her family in such situations enabling her to get moving more and enjoy her bike. RESPONSE 2.3

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