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Moving More and having fun in November!!

​Despite the start of the cold weather and the need for gloves (along with the extra layer or two of clothes), during November we've continued to deliver Active travel sessions from Balance Bike sessions to Learn to Ride followed by Levels 1 2 & 3 Bikeability. Not to mention rides for the young and not so young, Scooterbility and Safe Urban driver. Thanks to our partners Staffordshire County Council, Stoke on Trent City Council and Everybody Sport and Recreation Ltd for helping to make it happen. Heres a few pics showing a little of what we've been upto.

Balance Bike sessions to Reception and Year 1 across Stadffordshire and Cheshire.

During Scooterbility at Manor Hill Primary we've been learning to cross near parked cars and on roads near the children's local park.

Meanwhile in Stoke, students from St Thomas More Catholic College, took part in Level 3, here we can see Lisa explaining traffic lights to three students before they all got to ride them. Apparently it was a bit cold (lisa has two coats on).

Year 5 from Weston Village Primary School in Crewe learning about cycle infrastructure during their level 2.

Young cyclists from Ash Green in Stoke making a pilgrimage to Stoke City FC. Courtesy of cyclist training ltd and Bikeability Ride, Level 3.

Big thumbs up for Cyclist training ltd Bikeability St Wilfreds Catholic Primary having a mini adventure on two wheels using the Local in fracture during Level 2

Charlotte refused to be beaten during a learn to ride, particularly by one girl who repeatedly said "I can't do it" with a little stamping of feet 😆but guess what ....... #thisgirlcan


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