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World Mental Health Day

In the lead up to World Mental Health Day on the 10th October, here at Velorunner we're going to be sharing stories and blogs around cycling and running and mindfulness, and how that helps improve mental health in the blogs section on our website.

One of our favourite things about our past time is how easy it is to access. All you need is a pair of trainers and you're set. Once you're out the door and putting one foot in front of the other, you're running. The same with cycling all you need is the bike and you can go virtually anywhere.

This time is a great opportunity to give yourself the space mentally to calm your mind. Here are some of our favourite things about running that help to practice mindfulness techniques:

Rhythm Whatever your pace, which can be different one run ride to the next, focussing on the rhythmic nature of the activity, and on your breathing, is one of the best ways to let your mind be calm and still, away from everyday thoughts. It allows you to truly be in the moment.

2 hours in a green environmen Spending two hours a week in nature may be the crucial threshold for promoting health and well being so Whether it's your regular route or somewhere new, taking the time to really notice where you are, taking the opportunity to use your senses to reconnect with the natural world you're in. It can be the wind in your face, watching the birds flying, or listening to the natural sounds around you. Feeling a sense of connectedness with our amazing world is both humbling and inspiring.

Space to let go Use the time to both process and let any negative thoughts go. Allowing the thoughts to come, accept that it's ok and part of human nature to have those thoughts, and then let them go.

Here's a thought to leave you with: on one of your next outings try mixing it up, leave your Garmin at home, slow down, just be.

Happy running and cycling

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