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CTL a Shining example of inclusiveness....

Dear CTL

I hoped you could pass on my email to Neil and his bike ability team or

manager please

Amber has loved her experience completing the bike ability programme after

initially not really wanting to take part, she was nervous about not being

able to hear properly and also not being able to balance be ause of her

hearing on her bike, as result she has been reluctant to use her bike at


Anyway after her first day with Neil yesterday, she was

full of enthusiasm and confidence, she loved it and didn't stop talking

about him and how friendly kind and inclusive he was, this is so refreshing

to hear.

Amber is profoundly deaf in her right ear and has moderate hearing loss to

her left ear, Neil was compassionate and empathised with her a shining

example of inclusiveness and that he cares and thought how Amber must feel

and how to overcome challenges, so a really big thank you from me and

Amber's family to Neil and especially from Amber for making this course

enjoyable and building her confidence in cycling and in people,

Thank you


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