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CTL are running in the London Marathon

On Sunday 3rd October (2 days after my 49th Birthday), I will be running the world-famous London Marathon. Whilst running is something I very much enjoy, marathon training is hard and this year’s training has been much harder than my previous marathon. Extra lockdown pounds and training in the summer heat has been difficult. Work has been especially busy often with six-day weeks & I have at times very much doubted whether I will make it to the start line. Thanks to my wifes support though and Ben Gamble Coaching and Sports Therapy I have put in the miles, made it through the injuries, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the race. So much of running is in your head, long runs full of self-doubt and negative thoughts. I'm running for my Mind this year, a charity that helps people with mental health issues, something which can affect anyone at any time and it certainly has impacted my family over the years. My second charity is Marys Meals which helps the poorest children around the globe by providing them with a school meal each day (probably the only meal they will get. If by any chance you would like to sponsor me and support the two charities then Id be very Grateful.

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