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Level 3 at Weston Road

Updated: May 11, 2021

Our Instructor Neale has had a thoroughly enjoyable and productive Level 3 experience at Weston Road Academy, Stafford today.

The Rider's demonstrated competent ‘on site assessment skills’ and quickly recounted their Level 2 skills both practically and verbally.

They were involved in ‘safer’ decision making opportunities with reference to roundabouts , road crossing and general use of the wonderful cycle infra-structure in Stafford.

We ventured along the Isabel Trail and Astonfields Balancing lakes.

Their honest and unprompted ‘feedback’ was a real joy :

“I’m going to bring my Mum on her bike here : she loves water!”

“I’m proud that we rode that big island...but I think I’d use them ‘toucan things’ until I’m a bit older.”

“This feels like a private biking tutoring session!”

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