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Staffordshire Days ride out

"Staffordshire Day" is the day we celebrate everything we love about Staffordshire.

Every year on May 1st, Staffordshire comes alive with events of all shapes and sizes across the county, and loads of competitions and special offers from our great attractions, restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

Whether you love our captivating countryside, our thrilling theme parks or our eye-opening history and heritage, there will be something for you on Staffordshire Day!

It is a very special day for us cyclists in Staffordshire also, so we celebrated by heading out on the canals of Staffordshire many of which were put in place to move our beloved ceramics around the Country.

May 1st is the anniversary of our most famous son, Josiah Wedgwood, setting up his pottery company in 1759 and helping to transform Staffordshire into the centre of the world’s ceramics industry.

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