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VeloRunner Club Rides


With the expansion of cycling, it is important that riders doing the Club rides are familiar with the basic principles of how to ride in a group. Following are a few pages designed to help people understand what things you may see or hear on these rides.

There are 4 parts to this information which can be used for new riders as well as riders that have been in the Club for years!! It applies pretty much to any group ride and isn’t meant to “teach anyone to suck eggs”, but to let everybody know what the various shouts and calls are that you will hear on Saturdays.

Please don’t feel intimidated by these details…no-one at VeloRunner CC is quite ready for the Tour de France peloton as yet, but nevertheless, we all need to try and stay as safe as possible when riding in groups.

For anybody looking to ride for the first time in our Club Ride, please feel free to ask any existing members about group riding.

Above all, the essence of VeloRunner Cycling Club is that rides should be fun, friendly and safe. We will do our best to make sure that ALL levels of rider are catered for and you will always be made welcome on the rides.

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