CTL is committed to reducing child pedestrian casualties and increasing independent sustainable modes of travel.


Stepping Out is CTLs PEDESTRIAN TRAINING scheme designed with Reception and Y1 children's needs and parents/teachers concerns in mind.


Training provides children with basic road safety skills in preparation for independent travel later on in school life and beyond. Children increase observation and awareness skills to be aware of hazards on the road.


Children who walk, scoot or cycle to school improve their fitness whilst developing essential road and personal safety skills to equip them for later

life. Reducing levels of congestion and pollution around schools makes

them healthier, safer, environmentally friendly places.




The Willows Primary School - Reception & Y1 2014/2015

The Zebra Crossing - learning to always look & listen before & while crossing a road

Walking, scooting or cycling to school enables young people to achieve 60 minutes of physical activity every day (younger children should be active for up to 180 minutes each day)


Evidence shows that children who walk to school burn off some extra energy so they can settle down and concentrate more easily in lessons


Walking to school embeds valuable road safety skill messages in young children which will helps keep them safe for the rest of their lives


Reduces the amount of exposure to traffic pollution compared with sitting in slow moving traffic


Builds friendships and social skills


Saves money on petrol and cost of general wear and tear on the car


Walking can save time - especially if parents and carers help out and share walking


Reducing car use and pollution which can cause childhood asthma and climate change

CTL supports the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy to help more children aged 5-10 to walk, scoot and cycle to school so they can enjoy safer streets

and healthy lifestyles. Contact CTL to find out more about establishing a WALKING BUS or booking a PEDESTRIAN TRAINING SCHEME.


Cyclist Training Ltd works in partnership with Staffordshire County Council

and Stoke-on-Trent City Council's School Travel Teams to provide active

and sustainable travel on pupils journeys to and from school.

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