A Safe and Sustainable Active Travel Provider

We deliver fun, healthy, informative and practical sessions of Bikeability Levels 1, 2 and 3 to around 20,000 young people every year. These vital life skills enable more children and adults to make every day journeys by bike.


The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, Children’s University and The Department for Transport all recognise Cyclist Training Ltd’s consistency as a leading quality provider of National Standard cycle training.



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Level 1
Develops bicycle control and signalling skills in an environment away from cars.
Level 2
Is taught on quiet local streets in real traffic conditions - those who achieve all outcomes will be able to make a trip to friends or school.
Level 3
Covers all types of road conditions - for example busy roads, traffic lights, roundabouts and queuing traffic.

Getting more people cycling, more safely and more often starts with letting as many people as possible know about all the benefits they can enjoy simply by using pedal power.


Physical Health - cycling and walking helps individuals to manage more than 20 chronic health conditions such as childhood obesity, stroke, diabetes and demential.

Mental Health - active travel helps to prevent anxiety, depression and stress which is encountered during academic peaks or in busy work environments.

Road Safety - a direct and valuable way of teaching children road safety skills offering greater protection for the rest of their lives.

Cheaper Travel - cutting out 1 mile in the car a day saves approximately £60 per year.

Increased Productivity - healthier and more motivated individuals.


Lower Congestion - better air quality, more vibrant attractive communities.


CTL supports the DfTs aims to ensure that more children and families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance they need to make cycling part

of their everyday life. Bikeability Plus is a series of 10 modules designed to complement and enhance the effectiveness of Bikeability Levels 1,2,3.

Every CTL instructor is contracted and receives weekly professional development and ongoing assessments to ensure coaching delivery is consistently to the highest standard.


Since 2008 we have been developing partnerships with Local Authorities, cycling organisations and charities such as Sustrans and the CTC to

increase cycling awareness. This partnership approach is fundamental

to CTL's own vision:



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